We Asked The Fans To Make The Jokes And They Delivered The Funniest Ever Jokes!

So on the Facebook page Dude we asked our fans to post the best memes and gave this template!


And the dudes didnt fail to deliver! The posts were too funny!  Here are the top ideas they came up with!


  1. Douglas Frederick GuanacoMe: Bro, you should be careful of ads nowadays
    Him: Why bro?
    Me: Yesterday, a 9 year old kid disappeared after she used a cream that makes you 10 years younger..
    Him: ……….
  2. Mathias Pedersen  Me: Hey Dude, u wanna hear a joke?Him: sure, let me hear.

    Me: Why do Black People run when they see a chainsaw?

    Him: i have No idea.

    Me: because it says “run nigga nigga nigga nigga”.?

  3. Mark Dustin Dude1: hey bro I’m running out of jokes
    Dude2: Don’t worry, let them make a joke for you
    Dude1: Genius! That’s like apple CEO level of Innovation
    Dude2: Ikr

  4. Charan Chaan *KID* : Mom, I need a younger brother*MOM*: Your dad is in Dubai. Once he returns, will think about it.*KID* : Let’s give dad a surprise*MOM* : oh No…!!! Keep quiet. You are already a surprise to dad. Not one more


  5. Dogara Snr Dude 1: guess what?
    Dude 2: what
    Dude 3: yesterday I was telling my gf a joke in her room it was so funny that the guy under her bed started laughing too.
    Dude 4: shit just got real bro
  6. Neeraj Kannan Dude 1 : bro I had changed my DP on Facebook Do you see itDude 2 : yahh…!Dude 1: Bro did you give like on itDude 2 : yahh.. I liked 2 times bro

    Dude 1 : you are so sweet Broo??.

  7. Jaison Thomas
    Dude 1: Dude a naked lady robbed a bank.Dude 2 : Didn’t the police catch her?Dude 1 : No one saw her face

  8.  Keerthi Kumar nice beard bro

    Even yours bro

    Thank you bro
    Oh shit, weed’s effect. Its just a mirror

    All the dudes Delivered ! Awesome jokes keep it up guys! And also dude out!

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