These Humans Possess Real Human Powers!

Superpowers are no distant ideas to us anymore what with all the new sci-fi movies being made but we all watch them them witha bit of scepticism knowing none of it would happen in real life.These people beg to differ.

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The human body alone already possesses some incredible super powers, it’s able to heal itself of wounds, fight off disease and infection and give birth to new life. But when we read comic books and watch television and movies, we are drifted off to a fantasy world where the human body can do even more incredible things like fly, become invisible, cast magic spells and shoot lasers form their eyes.

In real-life there are actually a few special people out there who have been born with what could be considered real superpowers. For example two individuals named Daniel Kisch and Ben Underwood that are able to see despite losing their vision to retinal cancer at a young age. Or take for example the British man Stephen Wiltshire, dubbed ‘The Human Camera’, who is able to draw a landscape from memory after just seeing it once.
These and some other people possess abilities that defy physics and the normal human in nature. Check them all out in the video below!

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